Steering Committee


The Steering Committee consists of the Director, and representatives of the five Strategic Themes.


Director Daniel Sinnett, Université de Montréal
Strategic Theme 1 Jack Puymirat, Université Laval
Patient Registries and Biobanks Eric Shoubridge, McGill University
  Nicolas Dupré, Université Laval
Strategic Theme 2 Hélène Vézina, UQAC
Population and Statistical Genetics Simon Gravel, McGill University
Strategic Theme 3 Jacques Simard, Université Laval
Next Generation Integrative Genomics Guy A. Rouleau, Université de Montréal
  Tomi Pastinen, McGill University
Strategic Theme 4 François Rousseau, Université Laval
Health Technology Transfer Anne-Marie Laberge, Université de Montréal
Strategic Theme 5 Bartha Maria Knoppers, McGill University
Legal and Socio-ethical Issues Yann Joly, McGill University