Next Generation Integrative Genomics

Next generation sequencing (NGS) is a new technology that allows all individual genetic variations to be captured through massively parallel sequencing microarrays. This promises to revolutionize the role of genetic variation in disease prediction and prevention, and response to therapy – the new era of personalized medicine.  Despite the rapid progress of NGS technologies, there remains a large gap between the production of sequence and the ability to compile, analyze and interpret the resulting data. To fill this gap and enable researchers to access and benefit from these new technologies, this new Strategic Theme aims to develop specialized bioinformatics tools and NGS analysis paradigms to interpret genetic variation, and offer this expertise to RMGA researchers and the scientific community.


Platforms Services

Sequencing facility

Exome capture, NGS sequencing, 3 ABI SOLiD 5500XL units
NGS study design Consultation on NGS study design and analysis strategies
NGS dataset analysis Fee-for-service analysis of NGS datasets, development of bioinformatics analysis tools
GRiD gene regulation tool Development of tools for analysis of gene regulatory networks Tomi Pastinen